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Earth Day Activities, second grade and third grade

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This Earth Day unit is loaded with a variety of activities to use during Earth Day or with any environmental unit.

Your students will be motivated to help the Earth and have fun learning about how to take better care of our wonderful planet!


-24 Environmental vocabulary words that can be displayed in a pocket chart and discussed and taught to your students. Everything you need to make an illustrated dictionary using the vocabulary words. A vocabulary fill in the blank and word search is also included.

-A renewable and nonrenewable resources sorting sheet where students sort the resource under the correct term.

-recycling, reducing and reusing reading passages that includes comprehension questions.

-sorting activity where students decide if the action done on the card is reducing, recycling or reusing.

-How I can help the Earth poster, where students fill in what they can do to help the Earth.

-A Story of a River, a book that your students can illustrate, use as a reader’s theatre presentation, bulletin board display or make into a class book. There are 25 pages that can be illustrated including the cover. The book is based off of the book, A River Ran Wild by Lynne Cherry.

-Fred the Fish science experiment that gives your students a visual effect of pollution in a river. I have done this lesson for many years. My students love this lesson.

-Sorting recycling items in the right category, pocket chart activity along with sorting worksheet for students.

-“Earth Day!” letters in a bunting banner that would be a great bulletin board display.

-A writing prompt that asks students to write about why Earth Day should be Every Day.

-Love the Earth Game where students move forward or backwards on a game board if they are conserving and taking care of the Earth or not.

-Directions for Earth Day bracelets that your children can make with pony beads and cording to help remember to take care of our Earth.

Have fun and happy teaching. Jane Loretz

You will get a PDF (29MB) file