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Dinosaurs Literacy and Science Unit

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Dinosaurs Literacy and Science Unit

This huge dinosaur unit will surely be a hit with your students. This dinosaur unit is over 164 pages and includes everything you need for a wonderful science and literacy unit.

Dinosaur Activities

-A dinosaur nonfiction book, with pictures of realistic dinosaurs, filled with facts and vocabulary words on dinosaurs. This book would be great to display on your smartboard and read together with the class.

-A true and false worksheet to do before learning about dinosaurs. (anticipatory set)

-KWL chart on dinosaurs to get the students thinking about what they know, what they wonder about dinosaurs and what they learned.

-27 dinosaur vocabulary words that will help your students with learning all about dinosaurs. These word cards can be displayed in a pocket chart and taught to your students.

-Four different worksheets that will help your students learn the vocabulary words. Included also to help with vocabulary is a dinosaur dictionary booklet your students can make.

-Compare and contrast dinosaurs with reptiles, posters and a pocket chart activity. An individualized worksheet where students compare dinosaurs and reptiles on their own.

-Fact and Opinion lesson Posters and pocket chart activity along with worksheet.

-Two dinosaur report graphic organizers, and paper to write their report on.

-Dinosaur book on six different dinosaurs. Can be printed and colored and used to help with their dinosaur report.

-Dinosaur Diet mini book and a worksheet that students sort under what the dinosaurs ate.

-Three different center activities these would work great for early finishers or morning tubs.

-Dinosaur diet sort

-Think Like a Paleontologist puzzles

-Memory game-skeleton to correct dinosaur

ELA Activities on Dinosaurs

-A twelve page reading response and activity packet to go with Dinosaurs before Dark, a Magic Tree House book, by Mary Pope Osbourne. This also includes an answer key and cover for the packet.

-Writing and art activity to go with If the Dinosaurs Came Back by Bernard Most Paper and dinosaur silhouettes included.

-Writing activity to go with Can I have a Stegosaurus Mom, Please? Students make their own version of this fun story.

-Writing and craft activity to go with How to Catch a Dinosaur by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton Your students will use their imaginations to think up a way to catch a dinosaur. Students will make a dinosaur and in the inside the book they will write their story.

This unit also includes 9 Road sign posters of the dinosaur theme to decorate your room along with a dinosaur banner that says, “Dinosaurs”

Happy Teaching! Jane

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