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Exploring Map Skills: A Comprehensive Unit for Young Learners

Are you looking for a captivating and educational unit to teach map skills, continents, landforms, and vocabulary to your first, second, or third-grade students? Look no further! This Map Skills Unit has everything you need to create an engaging and enriching learning experience. In this blog post, I will provide you with a detailed overview of the unit, highlighting its key features and benefits.

Map Skills

Map Skills

This map skills unit begins with a 12-page, no-prep packet designed to help students grasp the basics of map skills. With a convenient cover included, all you need to do is copy and staple the packet. Perfect for distance learning, this packet empowers students to work independently or with explicit teacher directions. The concepts covered include understanding globes and maps, locating continents and oceans, understanding directions, utilizing map keys, and grasping map grids. To reinforce these skills, students also have the opportunity to create their own maps, putting their newfound knowledge into practice.

map skills vocabulary


To support vocabulary development, this unit provides 24 vocabulary cards featuring words related to map skills. Each card includes the word, definition, and a corresponding picture. These cards can be displayed in a pocket chart for easy reference during teaching. Additionally, we offer a vocabulary illustrated dictionary cover and sheet, allowing students to create a class illustrated dictionary. By assigning each student a vocabulary word, they can illustrate the word, write its definition, and construct a sentence using the word. To assess or review vocabulary comprehension, a dedicated comprehension page is also included.

Map skills continents


Understanding the world's continents is an essential part of map skills education. Included in this resource is a page dedicated to each continent, providing students with fascinating facts and information. Furthermore, students can engage in the Seven Continent Mini Booklet activity, where they write down interesting facts about each continent. For a hands-on learning experience, we also offer directions and pages to create a paper-mache globe. This activity is both fun and educational, fostering a deeper understanding of the Earth's geography.

Map skills Landforms


Exploring different land and water forms is another crucial aspect of map skills education. This unit includes11 full and half-page real pictures of land and water forms, such as mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, and more. Each picture is accompanied by its definition, making it an ideal visual display in any classroom. I have also included Landform Matching Cards which enables students to match definitions to the corresponding landforms. This activity can also be adapted into a concentration or memory game for further engagement.

Map skills center activities

Center Activities

To reinforce learning and check students' comprehension, included are two engaging center activities. The Map Skills Center Activity prompts students to answer questions related to map skills and record their answers on a provided sheet of paper. This activity serves as an excellent assessment tool. Additionally, I have included a Geo-Bingo, a review activity that can be played in small groups. With four bingo cards included, students can test their knowledge of map-related concepts while having fun.

Map skills unit first grade second grade third grade

My students loved learning about maps and I know your students will too! This Map Skills Unit is a comprehensive and engaging resource designed to teach young learners about map skills, continents, landforms, and vocabulary. With its no-prep nature, hands-on activities, and visually appealing materials, this unit is suitable for both traditional and distance learning settings. Don't miss the opportunity to provide your students with a memorable and educational map skills experience. This unit can be purchased here at my web store or on TPT and get ready to embark on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery! 

Happy Teaching! Jane